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Best Beaches Near Houston

There may be nothing more relaxing or enjoyable than spending time at the beach. While Houston may not be directly on the water, it is a mere day trip away from several great beaches. Here are some quick beach destinations near Houston.

Galveston Beaches

The beaches near Galveston, Texas offer white sand and great waves to visitors. It seems that this area of Texas always has a party or festival going on. Because of this, the beaches can get quite crowded on the weekends.

Stewart Beach in Galveston has been rated one of the top 10 beaches for families by the Vacation Critic. Kids love playing in the water and also using the beach volleyball courts. There are also plenty of concession stand. The cost to enter this beach is $10 a car on the weekdays and $12 a car on the weekends. There are a lot of amenities such as restrooms, pavilions, and even chairs and umbrellas.

Playa San Luis is a lesser known spot in Galveston. It is less crowded and definitely lest touristy. It is the perfect place to fish, ride on a boat, and just observe the amazing nature surrounding the area. As a bonus, this beach does not charge ad admission fee.

Jamaica Beach is located right in the Galveston Island State Park. It has a great stretch of sand that is perfect for children to enjoy. There are no amenities here and no admission fees.

Bolivar Peninsula

The Texas Gulf Coast beach offers a stunning 25 miles of beautiful, sandy beach perfect for sunbathing, beach playing, camping, and even fishing. The kids will love building sandcastles and if you are lucky you may even see a dolphin. You will have to take a ferry and pay a $10 admission price.

Surfside Beach

This beach is very clean and well kept. Many people prefer Surfside to Galveston due to the lack of trash and less crowds. It is worth noting that this beach does not offer any lifeguards. The fee to enter this beach is $10 a car.

Bryan Beach

Bryan Beach can get very crowded on the weekends, so it may be a better weekday spot. Bryan Beach boasts crystal clear water and fine white sands. There is a fee of $10 per car to visit this beach.

The beaches mentioned above are truly just a small sampling of the beaches near Houston. The bottom line is the beaches nearby Houston are fun, beautiful, and a great way to cool down.

The Importance of Starting a Side Business in Houston Texas

Starting a side business in Houston Texas is easy. In fact, there are so many opportunities these days. You can start a business at the comfort of your home. Do not start a side business if you are not committed to making it work.

There are so many advantages of starting a side business. It can help you quit your job. You will make more money. You will save money. You will learn new things. You will create more job opportunities. And you will have more freedom.

  1. Quit Your Job

Most small business businesses started as side businesses. The owners were full-time employees. They worked on their businesses during their free time. They quit their jobs when they were making more money from their side businesses. You can do the same.

Do not quit your job right now. By the way, it is possible to quit your job and start a successful business. If you want to play it safe, do not leave your job. Start a side business and work on it when you are free. After a few months or years, you can quit your job.

  1. Make Money

Want to increase your income? Start a side business. Some small businesses have a low barrier to entry. You can start with a few thousand dollars. And if you work on the business, it will grow quickly. You will start making money. And if you add your wages, you will be making a lot of money every month.

If you are serious about growing your side business, save most of the money you earn. Once you have saved enough money, you can quit your job and focus on your business. If you spend more time on your business, you will make a lot of money as your business grows.

  1. Learn New Things

Most people are stressed and bored. After they leave their jobs, they do not know what to do. They spend their time watching TV and drinking. The next day, they wake up feeling tired. And they do not feel like going to their job.

When you have a side business, you will always look forward to leaving work. You know there is something important you will do after job. You will learn new things as you grow your side business. You will never be bored or stressed.

These are the top reasons to start a side business in Houston Texas. Do not wait for a long time to start a side business. If you have been thinking about, take action today.